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Class Descriptions

Welcome to our center. Let us first answer the question: "What is Yoga?" before describing our classes.

Please see class and level descriptions below.

Yoga is an ancient practice that seeks to create union between mind, body and spirit. It is a journey that leads us toward deeper self awareness and a greater sense of well being. In the west we tend to think of Yoga as the various postures and breath (Hatha Yoga). Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, one of the ancient texts of yoga, describe the practice as having 8 limbs which address all aspects of our lives as well as the disciplines and understandings which lead towards deeper self knowledge and meditation.

Patanjali’s elucidation of the 8 limbs of yoga is the foundation of and guides our approach to practice and teaching yoga. We seek to support each student's ability to explore the multiple layers of the inner and outer experience that is found in the practice. We sincerely hope that your experience at The Avalon Yoga and Wellness Center is one that encourages your desire for self knowledge and contributes to your experience of health and well being.

A note about styles

Hatha Yoga is that branch of Yoga that primarily involves physical discipline and effort through postures (asanas) and breath control/restraint (pranayama) to promote health and well-being. Through regular practice you will experience improved concentration, self awareness, relaxation and mindfullness as you move through your days.The many physical benefits of Hatha Yoga include increased strength, flexibility and resiliency of the body, especially the spine. 

Most of our classes offer a balance between flow and stillness, strongly emphasizing support and alignment within the postures, providing safety and an efficient use of energy and effort. I would call our approach ‘Coming Home’. It is a style that gently and safely welcomes students home to their bodies. Focused on an overall sense of well-being, it invites them into the experience of being present and exploring their potential for growth. This allows the breath to fill the posture, the mind to rest and the self to be revealed.

Where indicated the style of practice may differ.

Vinyasa & Flow (approriate for Level 2 and above)

Movement is synchronized to the inhale and exhale in vinyasa yoga, where postures flow from one to another smoothly. The breath acts as an anchor to the movement as you flow from one pose to the next in time with an inhale or an exhale, building on traditional vinyasas like sun salutations and cat/cow. Vinyasa allows students to experience a wide variety of postures in a single class. Avalon’s vinyasa flow class is intended for students who have a good understanding of correct alignment in several asanas.


Iyengar style

The Iyengar style classes emphasize correct alignment of the asana with the help of various props. To allow students to focus on the integrity of each posture, they are done individually without a sequencing flow.


Please note: All classes, unless otherwise noted, are adult classes. Students must be at least 14 year of age to attend these classes.

Intro & Guided Meditation click here

Yoga Foundations

For those students who have never done yoga this is the perfect place to start. This class provides an introduction to the fundamentals of proper alignment, support and breath awareness in the basic Yoga postures (asanas), The class emphasizes the standing postures and the sun salutation series is introduced as the session progresses.

Level 1

For students who have completed Yoga Foundations or who have previous experience. Students continue to work with the basic postures to develop increased strength, flexibility and awareness. The postures and breath awareness are refined and some variations are introduced. Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation Flow) and introductory flows are used in all Level 1 classes except the Iyengar style.

Level 2

Postures increase in intensity and difficulty as strength and endurance develop. Depending upon teacher's preference, flows are introduced with increasing levels of difficulty. Preparations for inversions are introduced. Students are strongly encouraged to begin a home practice.

Level 3

For ongoing Yoga students. Greater strength and flexibility is required. Pranyama is included. Inversions are a regular part of the practice at this level. It is recommended that students at this level maintain a regular home practice as well.

Children's Yoga  (check schedule for ages)

Through games and activities, we will explore yoga postures to help children feel grounded, find their balance and begin exploring their own creativity. Children will increase their self-awareness and self confidence through movement and breath awareness . Children in these age groups are already exploring abstract concepts such as cooperation, freedom, security, loss and generosity.  Adventures in Yoga  explores these concepts and more.  

Community Yoga (1 Hour)

This class offers a guided practice and is best suited to those students who have previously been introduced to the yoga basics. This is a great class for current students wanting an extra, guided practice during the week, students returning from a break in their practice, and those whose schedules don't allow for regular attendance in an ongoing class.  Please note that this is a multi level class that is of shorter duration. You will not receive the individual attention or step by step introduction to the postures and breathwork that is offered in the ongoing session classes. If you are a beginning student or are looking for a more in depth understanding of yoga or to deepen your practice we would encourage you to join a 10 week class. 

Core Yoga


Core Yoga will help strengthen abdominals, pelvic muscles, mid and lower back muscles, and even your hip muscles. Many of your body’s movements originate from your core, working toward improving its strength will enhance your posture, spinal alignment, stability, easier breathing and more. The class will warm up with sun salutations, then moves into core-focused poses. Class can move from vigorous to holding postures for core strength. 


Gentle Yoga, Gentle Foundations & Gentle Level 1


These classes are designed for students who need a slower pace and/or a therapeutic approach to their practice. Creative adaptations help them find their way into the yoga postures comfortably. A variety of props may be used to afford students the ability to work at their own level and pace to accommodate restrictions and/or limitations. Level appropriate pranayama is included to facilitate relaxation and stress reduction.


Prenatal Yoga - not currently offered


This class offers a gentle yoga practice intended to empower the expectant mother.  Honor your pregnancy with a practice designed to awaken your energy and influence your body positively as you progress through the stages of pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your little one. All levels welcome.

Tai chi

Tai Chi s an ancient Chinese martial art that coordinates slow flowing movements with the breath. These graceful movements improves strength, flexibility, balance and concentration. In the introduction class you will learn some of the basic principles of tai chi and the beginning movements of the 24 Simplified form. In Tai Chi I you will learn the next 12 movements of the 24 Simplified form. The slow dance like movements of Tai chi benefit people of all ages and physical capabilities.

Sunrise Yoga

A class designed to help you start your day feeling relaxed, energized, revitalized and strengthend. Students should have had an introduction to the basics of a yoga practice, including the basic postures and working with the breath.


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